Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Khmer lunar Calendar 2013

Truly apologize to all of you for late posting the Khmer Lunar Calendar for 2013. However, it is here for now with Buddhist holidays and Buddhist events of the year marked. The official public holidays of Cambodia for 2013 also added.
According to the Khmer lunar calendar 2013, from 1st January until 13th April is remain in the year of Dragon (2556 BE). And the new year of Snake (2557 BE) will be started from the 14th April.

Buddhist Events in 2013

25 Feb 2013: Meak Bochea Day
24 May 2013: Visak Bochea Day
23 Jul 2013: Beginning of Vassana, the raining retreat (chol preah vossa)
20 Sep 2013: The first day of Pchum Ben day (ancestors day)
04 Oct 2013: The last day day of Pchum Ben day
19 Oct 2013: End of Vassana (chenh preah vossa)
20 Oct 2013: Beginning of Kathina (kathentean) until 17 Nov 2013

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